How should go about receiving a science grant to conduct scientific research?

How should go about receiving a science grant to conduct scientific research?

When studying science either at a school, for personal knowledge, or for work, it can sometimes be overwhelming with the amount of information and concepts that it provides. Reading a science book is one thing, but you should make sure that the information that you read is understood and retained. There are two components of science books that should be noted and emphasized– terminology and concepts. These tips will help you get the A on the big exam, gain and retain science knowledge to help you in further learning, and creating the best work possible on the job.

1. What you should know about scientific terminology in science books

As the case in any class, let alone science classes, it is always a good idea to scan the chapters contained in science books so that you have a firm understanding about what you are going to learn, even if you do not fully understand it as of yet.

You should ask yourself: How do I learn best? Am I a visual learner or an auditor learner?

Visual learners benefit from seeing and writing down information. Auditory listeners may find it easier to hear a word as a professor or teacher may define something in class. You may want to consider reading the book aloud in this case.

No matter if you are a visual or auditory learner, you may benefit by using both techniques. If you are studying science books, you should read the book, then copy down terms and definitions. Finally, you should read these terms and definitions to yourself to develop a firm understanding about what they mean.

Learning root words in science will allow you to better understand terminology that you encounter later. Science is a field with many root words that are organized in logical ways. The root word “bio” means life, therefore you should have a firm understanding what biology is the study of and what biologists do. This will ensure that you will not be overwhelmed with diving head first into science books.

2. What you should know about studying concepts in science books and textbooks.

Having a good imagination is key in understanding how science works. You should use your imagination to picture a description in your science books of cellular mitosis and you will better understand it and retain that information.

When you are studying science books, use the illustrations that they contain to your advantage. Refer back to illustrations as science concepts are described in the book. Make sure that you have a firm understanding of how the descriptions and illustrations interweave to provide you with the fullest understanding of science concepts.

If you believe that science books do not provide enough visual information, try creating your own sketches using descriptions that you read in the science text. Remember, that science is as highly visual as it is abstract. Try to use both techniques to your advantage to gain a further knowledge.

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