Building Rapport On Social Media

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As a business owner, having a website is a plus for your
business. You’ll need it to keep in touch with your clients and
provide relevant information on your site to attract potential
customers. You can go further and take advantage of the social
media platforms as well. Building a rapport on social media sites
requires you to come up with unique strategies.

Here are some effective tips to help you out:

1. Offer solutions – Regardless of the nature of your
enterprise, use some creativity to generate interest. Come up
with ‘updates’ stating how your products or services can change
everyday routines. This is a sure way of getting ‘comments’ or

2. Add value – whenever you allow a client to express their
views, you make them feel valued and appreciated. This
encourages other clients to give feedback and suggestions.

3. Create a buzz – By offering high quality services, your build
a rapport for yourself as word spreads fast about your services.

4. Be real – Don’t always attempt to sell something. Instead, focus on offering solutions and interacting with your prospects.

5. Hold events – Do free giveaways and other events that encourage prospects to share your information.

Have a great week!


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